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The analysis of some modern methods which provide the numerical simulation of the subsonic turbulent viscous flow with the complicated geometrical configuration bodies according to the "timeexactness" criterion is conducted. The three-dimensional simulation of viscous incompressible flowing around of wing with the profile of NACA-23012 by the finite elements method using six turbulence models is executed. The models used are the model of Spalart-Allmaras, the standard k-ε model, Menter model of Shear Stress Transport, the models of Large Eddy Simulation and Detached Eddy Simulation, the model of Scale Adaptive Simulation. Some of these turbulence models features, advantages and disadvantages are mentioned. In the issue of numerical research the diagrams of drag, lift and wing torque coefficients versus the angle of attack in the range of –8 ÷ 26 degrees at the value of Reynolds number 4.4·105 are got. The compared of the expected wing aerodynamic parameters to the results of Central Aero- and Hydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) experiment is executed. The table of the calculating error values between the wing lift (numerical calculation) and similar data of aerodynamic experiment at the critical angle of attack is put. For the considered class of three-dimensional problems of flow with the complicated geometrical configuration objects by the viscous incompressible flow the models of turbulence which provide the minimum of the calculation time and the maximum of the got results exactness are recommended. Such advisable models are the model of Spalart-Allmaras and k-ω Menter model of Shear Stress Transport.

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incompressible flow of the viscous liquid; finite elements method; turbulence model; flow around the wing profile; boundary layer; three-dimensional simulating; drag; lift; torque; angle of attack

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