M. M. Biliaiev, T. I. Rusakova


A mathematical model has been created for predicting the microclimate parameters in the work area located directly near the motorway in the presence of a «temporary building» and in its absence. A numerical model has been developed to determine the velocity field of the air flow in the area of employee's location, taking into account the location of the remote trading place, the “temporary building” without an eaver and with an eaver based on the Navier–Stokesequation. To predict the concentration level in the microzone, two-dimensional equation of impurity transport in atmospheric air is used. Numerical integration of the equation of hydrodynamics and mass transfer is carried out with the help of an implicit difference scheme. Three variants of the location of trading place in the zone of motorway influence are considered: the first option – the seller performs the trade of outbound goods without the presence of a “temporary building”; the second option is that the seller performs the trade of outbound goods at the“temporary building”, which does not have an eaver; the third option is that the seller carries out the trade of outbound goods at the“temporary building”, which has an eaver. The analysis of changes in airflow velocity and concentration of pollutant at the level of the head of employee (locally), depending on the location of the place of trade. The presence of a “temporary building” reduces the speed by 2 times and the concentration by 1.5 times, the presence of an eaver in the same structure reduces the speed by 5 times and the concentration by 1.75 times, relative to the situation when the eaver is absent. It has been revealed that the eaver influences the change in pollutant concentration, but plays more significant role in reducing the speed of the air flow, providing comfortable conditions for the microclimate in the work area. Long or systematic stay in such a work area will not affect the worker’s state of health, can ensure its high performance and comfort in the working area.

Ключові слова

working area; microclimate; «temporary building»; speed field; concentration of pollutant

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